The Nu Being Experience

Healing For The Mind, Body and Soul.

Welcome to The Nu Being Experience! We are an online holistic wellness center. We assist clients with Wellness Coaching, that help our clients focus on healing the Mind, Body and Soul which will create a better quality of life. 

Our Online Services provide techniques to help our clients with;

  • Stress Reduction

  • Physical Ailments 

  • Mental Illness; Anxiety, Depression, PTSD & More

  • Drug Addiction 

  • Managing Medical Conditions

  • Fitness Goals 

  • Better Eating Techniques

Our passion relies on educating and providing our clients with services and products like Meditation, Sound Healing, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Nutrition Plans & Healing Herbs that will assist them with attaining their health and wellness goals.

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Wellness Coaches

Jessica "The Nubn" Graves 

Founder, Wellness Coach

   We call her The Nubn, a woman who was inspired to open a holistic wellness center after suffering several medical illnesses such as asthma, ulcers, tumors and other ailments such as depression  before the age of 25. The Nubn received many treatments at several medical facilities to treat the symptoms of her diagnoses but was never provided a real cure. After several years of depending on western medicine, she began endlessly researching, studying and practicing with holistic doctors to gain answers to the root cause of disease.

   While continuing her studies and working as a social worker counseling clients with similar health issues, she realized it was a combination of healing through balancing the Mind, Body and Soul that led to overall wellness. 

   14 years later, she has completed and obtained several certifications and degrees in Holistic Health, Meditation, Sound Healing, Yoga, and Health/Nutrition Coaching.

She prides herself on educating clients on nutrition, and mental health. The Nubn has held a host of classes and seminars such a Healing Circles; Guided Meditation, Group Therapy, Sound Meditation, and Nutrition 101. Her number one passion in life to inform and educate her community on the importance of health and wellness. 

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