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Transitioning To An Alkaline Lifestyle

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Today I want to discuss the importance of eating Alkaline based food. So many people contact me and ask how did I manage to lose over 60 lbs and maintain the same weight for over 8 years. The truth is my concern wasn’t weight loss. In 2011 i was suffering from so many ailments obesity, Gerds, ulcers, asthma, Eczema, etc. and I was in in search of a relief from all my health issues. While conversing with one of my close friends I was introduced to the Dr. Sebi Alkaline diet or better yet the alkaline lifestyle. In just 1 month of being on his eating regiment and taking his natural herbs, I lost 10lbs and operating at a higher energy level. My skin began to improve and I have not used an asthma pump since then. It was not a easy transition ridding your body of mucus and acid. Just the science and history behind the Alkaline diet alone Warranted me to change, not just my eating but how i viewed the earth, our planet, my mind and body on a molecular level. When you learn who you are and the level you were created to operate from it forces you to wake up and honor your Devine nature. The alkaline diet is simply eating things that the Earth naturally created and staying away from eating a completely animal based diet and man created foods.

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