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Do you feel stuck, uninspired or feel lost in life? Our Spiritual Wellness Coach can assist you with releasing your inner child, healing trauma, reprogramming your subconscious mind, discovering your purpose, and how to work on a mind-body- soul connection.

Our Coach is well versed in Astrology & Astronomy and will guide you through  your birth and natal chart to assist you with finding out who you are and what you are meant to be and do!

Our Coach will help you discover your Energetic signature that can help you to tap into your energies and give understanding to all the question you have in life. Are you curious to Discover or  Master your energetic signatures and get on the journey to discovering you? Book a spiritual wellness coaching plan today!

The Evolutionary Plans

The Journey To You

  • Renew Plan

    Discover your Energetic Signature (1.15minute Session)
    • Discover Your Core Energetic Signature Using Numerology
    • Break Down of Numerology Chart
    • Identify Traumas & Life Challenges
    • Spiritual Practice To Reprogramming The Subconscious Mind
  • Be-Come Plan

    Exploring your Energetic Signature (4 One hour Sessions)
    Valid for 6 months
    • Discovering Core Numbers Through Numerology
    • Breakdown to Understanding Your Core Numbers
    • Exploring Childhood Traumas &Present Challenges & Weaknesses
    • Exploring Strengths & Gifts
    • Work on mind-body-soul connection
    • Spiritual Practices To Reprogram Subconscious Mind
  • The Evolution Plan

    Mastering Your Energetic Signature (8 One Hour Sessions)
    Valid for one year
    • Discover Core Numbers Of Numerology
    • Breakdown To Understand Your Core Numbers
    • Exploring Childhood Trauma & Present Challenges & Weakness
    • Exploring Strengths & Gifts
    • Reprogramming The Subconscious Mind
    • Work on mind-body-soul connection
    • Exploring Current Life Cycle, Karmic Debts & Lessons
    • Defining Your Life's Purpose In This Incarnation
    • Spiritual Practices To Implement & Master Change
    • Mindful Detox Plan Included
    • One Sound Healing Session Included
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