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Citrine Orgon me Crystal (extra large)

Citrine Orgon me Crystal (extra large)

Our Nubeing Citrine Orgone ushers in abundance and wealth, and attracts success! It is a Merchant's Stone that also improves interpersonal relationships and promotes solutions and cohesiveness.

Yellow citrine is used for attracting wealth and prosperity.
Citrine is a crystal of light and happiness while most crystals take in negative energy, this one actually clears it.. and emits large amounts of positive energy.
This bright crystal carries the power of the sun and awakens creativity and imagination.
Guard yourself against those who intend to break your heart, and continue to attract love and happiness , for Citrine is known to bring forth warmth, comfort and positive energy.
Combined with copper, an earth metal that best conducts energy from crystals, and Amethyst which provides immense healing, our Citrine Flower of Life pyramid will surely enhance your physical stamina and energy . Get yours today!
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