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Green Phantom Quartz

Green Phantom Quartz

Our Green Phantom Quartz Crystals helps work on self-healing and regeneration, and assist in facilitating the detoxification process by removing unwanted energy.  It also assists in grounding any excessive emotions directly into the Earth, which allows the user to achieve a greater state of balance.Green Phantom is perfect for meditation and balancing the Heart, Sacral and Solar Chakra. If your are of the Astrological Zodiac Sign: Aries, Libra and Pisces, or Numerological Number 3 and 9, this is definitely for you. Comes in different sizes from small to extra large (250-800mg). Prices vary.

Please be advised larger crystals have a longer delivery time of 2-3 weeks.

No refunds. Exchange only.

  • no returns

    please contact us within 24 hours of recieving if damaged for replacement. 

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